Our Mission:

At NCREEA, we strive to lead in the innovations for our industry and the skills development for our members. We do this through member networking, laws and NCREC rule updates and classroom skill techniques training; all with an eye toward providing the best possible training for both pre and post-licensing students and ultimately the consuming public.


Our Purpose:

  1. Education: To facilitate communications and cooperation between and among all concerned with instruction, administration, regulation of real estate education and to raise the competence and performance of these to the highest level.
  2. Professional Practice: To promote education, ethics and professional standards of compentence and performance among all real estate practitioners.
  3. Consumers: To advocate and promote efficient and equitable real estate markets through education of the general public so that real estate consumers may engage in transactions with the greatest possible knowledge and assurance of honest relationships.
  4. Land use: To continually educate toward and encourage wise and optimal use of our real estaet resources.
  5. Research: To encourage and participate in real estate research intended to benefit the people of North Carolina.