NCREEA: What an Opportunity!

NCREEA: What an Opportunity!

by: Nancy Legg, Board Member

In my 30 plus years as a licensee in real estate, I think I have done most of the things you may do in real estate.  I have listed, sold, managed, appraised, rehabbed, supervised, taught and trained.  I keep threatening to write a tell all book, and even have a title, “The Real-a-Mistake Agent”.  The tales I could tell…

One of the main reasons I went into teaching real estate was I wanted students to be better prepared for the real world of real estate and not just to pass that exam.  I wanted to impart more practical information to that individual starting a new career.  I want them to know what they need to know to pass the exam, but I think it is just as important to know why they need to know this stuff.  When I took my real estate class so long ago, (when I was a small child).

I remember the man who taught my pre-licensing class was from Iowa and had just moved to SC.  He talked about bird dogs, bird hunting, things in Iowa, and everything else, in that class except real estate, but somehow by the grace of God and a lot of studying on my part, I passed that exam.  Then I started my career in real estate. 

I interviewed with a couple of BICs and made my decision, and my first day on the job, the BIC showed me my desk and phone, and that was pretty much it.  I was like a deer in the headlights, I did not have a clue where to begin.  I felt like I had been thrown in the deep end of the pool and told to sink or swim and oh, by the way, here is your anvil.  I have never felt so unprepared and ignorant.  I was consciously incompetent.  I really did not want to learn through the school of hard knocks, trial by fire, was not for me.  I sat down and tried to figure out how do I bypass experience and trials and tribulations…  and I decided the only way to avoid the pitfalls and the risk was to get educated.  I started going through closed files, studying everything in those files, contracts, forms, closing statements, everything. 

I signed up for every real estate seminar, real estate class, any class I thought would help me in my career within driving distance.  I had my GRI within the first year of becoming licensed, I had my CRS within 3 years.  I heard, Roger Butcher, Howard Britton, David Knox, Tom Hopkins, Mike Ferry, just to name a few, I went to every conference, convention, and I learned.  I had some great instructors, the likes of Billy Benton, Wayne Poplin, Hugh Ryall, Nell Postell, remember any of these names?  I learned so much, I just soaked it up.  I loved learning about my product, the product I was supposed to be the expert.  I had a license that said I was an expert in Real Property.  The more I learned the more comfortable I became in my career.  I began to realize that knowledge is power, it brings with it, confidence. 

Now after all of this what is my point?  As instructors, we could have the ability to impact the lives, the careers, the confidence of agents in our profession.  In my opinion, that is an immense responsibility put upon the shoulders of the real estate Instructors of North Carolina. 

To assist the instructors of NC with this immense responsibility, we have one of the greatest assets available to any instructor nationwide which is NCREEA, the NC Real Estate Educator Association. 

I love this association, this association has helped me so tremendously, the members are some of the most professional, sharing, caring, generous, friendly, … I have had the pleasure of being with in an association.  I would like to encourage of the members to please get involved with NCREEA, serve on a committee, serve on the executive committee, help in any way possible.  You will meet and bond with some spectacular instructors. 

The talent we have right here in the state of NC, which by the way has more DREIs than any other state in the union, is phenomenal.  Get to know these people, they will share, they will help you, they will impart knowledge on you that is overwhelming.  Please support NCREEA and share NCREEA with all your associates, you will never regret your affiliation with some of the finest Real Estate Educators in the Nation.