North Carolina Radon Map 2017

At the final session during the 2017 Spring Instructors Conference hosted by the NC Real Estate Commission, there was an in depth discussion of the requirements of a Broker to disclose the possibility of radon based on the most recent North Carolina Radon map provided by NCDHHS.

This North Carolina Radon map (provided for download) is from the NC Department of Health and Human Services. See their web site for disclaimers.

Charlene Moody, Assistant Director of Regulatory Affairs and legal council, Fred Moreno, Deputy Legal Councel and Rob Patchett, Associate Legal Counsel from the commission participated in the discussion.

The recommendation is that licensee should be aware of the map and could choose to share the map with a prospective purchaser.

It will be up to the licensee as to whether or not a recommendation for a radon inspection is made or not. 

As a courtesy to the NCREEA members, the map has been uploaded here. It is also recommended that you visit the original web site for more detail.