Tell me more about the business…

Tell Me More About the Business . . . 

By Carolyn Hriso

Regardless of your length of time in the real estate education business, you will always hear this question – “Tell me more about the business . . . . .”.

So where do you start? As a Pre-Licensing Instructor, my head whirls as I think about what is the most important tidbit I can give them that falls outside the textbook and the classroom. The interesting fact to me is that 90% of students do not understand the practical need and sometime requirement to join a local Board of Realtors which, in turn, connects you to your state association, NC Realtors, and the national organization, NAR. There is also a huge confusion in the difference between NC Realtors and the NC Real Estate Commission.

NCREC is a regulating body controlling licenses to licensees and protects the consumer above all else. Tied to the General Assembly through creation of laws, the NCREC writes its own rules and funds its work through licensees. The NCREC is not a line item for the General Assembly. Students are surprised by the depth of the due diligence performed by the NCREC before the giving of the license to an individual.

NAR, to most students, is a TV commercial. Students haven’t thought about the vast lobbying efforts ongoing in our nation’s capital city of Washington, DC; nor have they tied together the relationship between NAR, NC Realtors and their local Board of Realtors. Most are shocked at the expense involved in joining the organizations and are skeptical at the value received.

As a Pre-Licensing Instructor, your main job is getting those students successfully through the test – sometimes a challenge in itself. However, by the end of that class, those students trust you and you have the opportunity to mold their thinking toward the value of being part of an ethical national organization and the benefit of understanding our regulators and their job.

What a fabulous career path the securing of that real estate license can bring to individuals regardless of their age and position in life. What a great job we have as cheerleaders for this unique and always interesting career.